The Alcoves

1979 - 1980

The Alcoves were formed in August 1979 by four fifteen year-olds: Koy (Keith Martin), Roo (Andrew Francis), Bev (Milton-Edwards) and Olly (Sagar). Olly shared his older brother Gez's fondness for pop music which facilitated The Alcoves sharing The Toys' practice space in Barnet. And frequently their equipment. Anything laying around the basement was fair game. The Alcoves made their live debut at the HOY Club in Harpenden in February 1980. Their only recording that anyone can find is "I Can't Focus" on the Stern Bops "Local Produce" compilation.
After about a year of playing around North London and Hertforshire, Koy left the band in a sulk about something and formed Split Here with Olly, Dai Norman and Harvey McGavin.

Kat Martin