The Bears


The group got together during the summer of 1977 at Watford Art School - and were Waldos Records' first signing. Their idiosyncratic word play and catchy tunes gave them an Art-Punk edge. Following an early line-up change, the group comprised: Ron West (bass), George Gill (guitar), John Entrails (singing), Christian Paris (sax) and Martin Callomon (drums).

Once signed to the fledgling Waldo's Records, their first recording session was arranged and, on arrival, the band changed into their 'stage' gear, ready to play. The engineer had to warn John the singer not to keep grabbing the mic stand as recording wasn't like playing live. Once the new single was in the can, the group played their entire set straight off. The subsequent recording was issued later as "Live At Waldo's Jazz Club"!

"On Me" became the first release on St Albans' Waldo's Records (Cat. # JS001) and was issued in 4 different coloured sleeves - with 20 'Promo' white label copies sent out in Pink sleeves to the music press. It was made "Single of the Week" in Sounds with a review that read "... it has a riff that is dangerously close to 'Day Tripper'....".

They played all the regular Punk haunts, including the Roxy, when 'Fun Fun Fun' was recorded for the second of the 'Live at the Roxy' compilations. The group broke up in 1978 and The Tea Set was formed from its ashes... although George and John recruited extra members and recorded a further single for the Irish 'Good Vibrations' label.