Bongo Joe & The Experience


The group was the brainchild of Tea Set svengali Nic Egan, who wanted to create a new direction in sound for recording and live work. The nucleus of the group was Nic Egan (the voice), Gary Hawkins (jungle rhythm), Nick Haeffner (extraordinary guitar excursions) and Pete Ridley (fat bass). Their appearance at the College of Further Ed. was total music theatre.

A recording session was undertaken with many 'guest' artists in attendance, including Bodies front man Mark 'Cogs' Adams, and one of Bananarama whose wavering backing vocals ended up buried in the mix. The 8 minute version of the Stones' 'Sympathy For The Devil' boasted a bizarre mix of swirling sound effects overlaid by Waldo (Phil Smee).

Nic Egan was to relocate to the US West Coast following a career of music and film making.