Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen


The talented Mr Pig combined his wonderful lyrical genius with some super-catchy tunes to create an impressive catalogue of over 100 recordings, many of which were issued on vinyl and cassette during his spell on the Waldo's Records label. The first of these, 'Happy Birthday Sweet 16', (CS 004) almost became a hit when it was put on the Capitol Radio playlist in 1979. London's Pinnacle Records licensed the track but the lyrics prevented the BBC's Whitehouse brigade from passing it 'fit for broadcast'. Pop stardom would maybe have spoiled him anyway.

Backed by the Hopeful Chinamen: Nick Haeffner (guitar), Gary Hawkins (drums) and originally John Walpole (bass) and Pete Ridley (guitar), the group played a handful of live gigs, most notoriously the Waldo's Package gig on 10th August 1979, where they played to a packed Civic Hall (Alban Arena). Clive was to play bass guitar with Nick and Gary on subsequent recordings and an album was issued entitled 'Sailor With A Telescope' on cassette only (TS 013).

Clive also recorded solo for the Waldo's label: the 'Benjamin Beat' EP (BS 010), as well as with session musicians on the single 'The Whale Zoo' (NRIC 020).