The Oral Exciters

Tim Soul - Vocals and Synthesiser, Tony Fewkes - Guitar, Alan Rolfe - Keyboards, John Walpole - Bass Machine, Gary Hawkins - Drums.
Gary was later replaced by Dave Taylor in early 1981 and Dave was replaced by Paul Madden in late 1981. This was the lineup with Paul Madden in late 1981.
By Autumn 1980 the name had been shortened to The Exciters as our agent was having trouble booking gigs for us as The Oral Exciters. We also filmed our first videos for "Ballistic Jets" and "Valentino". Gary Hawkins sadly left the band in January 1981, to be replaced on drums by Dave Taylor who had previously played with Tim and Tony in English Rogues and in the meantime had been playing in Cheap Flights.
In the Summer of 1981 we went to Sitges in Spain (about 30 miles south of Barcelona) for a six week residency, playing three sets a night, seven nights a week. At the end of our residency in Sitges we handed over to The Nashville Teens, who unfortunately only lasted a week after one of the band members children fell off the balcony of the apartment above the club into the street below.
The Exciters headed back to England and carried on gigging and in late 1981 Dave Taylor left and after holding auditions was replaced by Paul Madden on drums.

Taken from Tim Soul's website.