The Stern Bops

Dave Foster (lead guitar), Ade Clarke (bass and lead vocals), Simon Dodds (drums), joined a few months in by Tracey Thorn on rhythm guitar.

Dave and I were from St Albans and went to school with Ade from Hatfield. Tracey was from Potters Bar and went to school in Hatfield. We formed sometime in 1979, Ade and I having previously been in a band called The Alternatives. I think we had fairly broad punk/new wave tastes but I suspect that respect for a tune became important and that The Cure and Buzzcocks may have been strong influences. We didn't have a category for ourselves but were described as a punk-pop hybrid by one of The Alcoves!

Simon Dodds (drummer)

Tracey Thorn went on to form The Marine Girls before finding even greater success with Everything But The Girl.

Interview with Tracey Thorn (Jan.2011) by Grae J. Wall.