We would like to thank the following without whose submissions, support and creative input this exhibition would not have been possible:

Phil Smee (Waldos Records and Satellite artwork)
Paul Terence Madden (large Sex Pistols prints)
Huw Sperryn (audio, video, website)
Shanne Bradley (The Nips, The Men They Couldn't Hang)
Paul Dean (X Ray Spex)
Laurence Croucher (Manic Jabs)
Shirley Ashcer (Tanya Hyde)
Ade Clarke (The Stern Bops)
Simon Dodds (The Stern Bops)
Tracey Thorn (The Stern Bops, The Marine Girls)
Clive Pig (Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen)
Nick Haeffener (The Tea Set, The Hopeful Chinamen)
Nick Egan (The Tea Set)
Ray Collins (Buzz et les Lumberjacks)
Neil Batstone (Buzz et les Lumberjacks)
Bruce Giffen (The Claimed, Manic Jabs etc.)
Albi Bruce (Open Door)
Brian Long (Antibof)
Simon Belshaw (The Toys)
Gez Sagar (The Toys)
Richard Norris (The Innocent Vicars)
Mark Adams (The Bodies)
Tim Soul (The Oral Exciters)
Timothy London
Pete Langford
Francesca Cassavetti (original artwork)
Jill Newman (original artwork)
Alastair Brannen (Vivienne Westwood Collection)
Simon Neil
Daniel Beharier
Bill Johnson (Acoustic New Wave night)
Dez Paradise (CD duplication)
Yamaha (Drum kit)

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